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Owner, FIT4MOM-Towson
FIT4MOM Certified Stroller Strides & Fit4Baby Instructor

As new Owner of FIT4MOM-Towson, fitness is an important part of my life. My love for running began in high school as a member of the track and field team. I've continued running ever since, completing 5ks, 10ks and a half marathon. I've also always had a passion for group fitness classes including yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and barre.

While pregnant I joined a prenatal yoga class. During the beginning of each class the instructor asked each woman to introduce herself and talk about how she was feeling at her current week of pregnancy. This quickly became a moment I looked forward to each week. The chance to engage with other women experiencing pregnancy at the same time as me was an invaluable part of my journey towards motherhood.

After the birth of my daughter, my brother-in-law sent me a link to the FIT4MOM webpage after seeing a commercial featuring Stroller Strides. I called a friend, we signed up for a class and my life has been forever changed. I was so impressed by the village of women, the interaction between moms and children, the exercise equipped for my newly postpartum body and the unconditional support from one mom to the next.

After leaving my corporate job to stay home with my daughter, I knew I had to be involved. I had to be a part of this amazing group and take what I have learned and share it with others. I find great inspiration from the moms and enjoy helping them on their journey's toward health and fitness. I look forward to building a sense of community and friendships with all those involved.


FIT4MOM Certified Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby Instructor, Stroller Barre & Body Back Instructor

Ever since I can remember exercise was an important part of my life. I grew up playing sports and later in life frequented many group fitness classes to try to stay healthy and challenged in my workouts. After the birth of my first child, I saw the benefits of my workouts take shape (and change!) more than ever before and wanted to pass along the same inspiration to others. I took the first step in committing to enhance my knowledge in fitness and overall wellness and health by enrolling in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. To fuel my passion of everything pregnancy, birth and beyond I also completed an 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Certification soon after. That is when my love affair with pre and postnatal fitness truly began. FIT4MOM-Towson allows me to combine two of my passions: fitness and motherhood. Being a mother is truly the most rewarding yet challenging job I've ever had. Motherhood can be isolating, difficult, exhausting and demanding - it requires a large amount of strength and perseverance and anything I can do to support other women through that process makes my job worthwhile. Through motherhood I've realized that there is potential to empower women in a multitude of different ways and I hope to be able to enable others to find balance in fitness, motherhood and life! I am mom to my three greatest teachers and favorite little humans - Emerie, 6; Cael, 4; and Quinn, 1.


FIT4MOM Certified Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby & Body Back Instructor

I’m a teacher by nature. I taught high school art for seven years and I also taught an all women’s Brazillian Jui Jit Su class for a year. I have been involved in running and strength training since I was a teen. Anything I love I end up teaching. I love what FIT4MOM and Stroller Strides can do for moms and families so I became FIT4MOM certified. Having a hand and witnessing a rise in other people’s self confidence and pride is extremely rewarding and that is why I keep teaching.
Other than wanting to look and feel good there are other reasons I want to stay fit. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s around the same time my husband and I started a family. The doctors concluded that his decades of uncontrolled blood sugar left him susceptible to develop Alzheimer’s. He allowed himself to go downhill faster because he lacked the will power to eat healthy and exercise. By the time our second son was born I came to the realization that our children would not know the joy of having a grandfather. I was terrified of following in my father’s footsteps after my gestational diabetes diagnosis with my second pregnancy. I made the decision to stay fit for my sons Reece (2 ½), Cael (just over 1), my husband and myself. Should I one day become a grandmother, I want to be here long enough for my grandchildren to develop positive and lasting memories of me. Because of my family history and through becoming a mom, I've learned that fitness means more to me than looking and feeling good and is instead about taking care of myself and setting an example for my children.


FIT4MOM Certified Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Stroller Barre Instructor

After having my son Ryan in April 2015 I searched online for a workout group that would involve him. Little did I know how this online search would bring so many positive changes to my life. I was drawn to FIT4MOM for a lot of reasons. The workouts were fun, engaging, and challenging. The biggest perk that stuck out in my mind after signing up was the support, connection, and friendship with the other moms in the classes.

Fitness has always been a big part of my life as a competitive swimmer, surfer, and water polo player. While I am certainly more coordinated in the water, cross-training with land sports and weight lifting played an integral role in my sports career.

I have been a Certified Child Life Specialist since 2008, helping children and families cope with challenging health care experiences through play, preparation, education, and self-expression activities. I have a Masters Degree in Health Science Administration and Community Health. While I love my role as a child life specialist, being at home more with my son is what is best for our family at this time.

I enjoy helping others whether that is in the realm of health care or with fitness and health goals. My goal as a Fit4Mom Instructor is to help other moms gain confidence, strength, support, and friendships.


FIT4MOM Certified Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Stroller Barre Instructor

Team sports and fitness have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a member of the softball, soccer, dance, and gymnastics teams growing up, I was able to meet people with similar interests, build lasting friendships with my teammates, and keep myself productive and healthy in my free time.

Working with children has also always been a passion of mine. In 2013, I became a speech-language pathologist and have since worked for a nonpublic school, hospital, rehab facility and teletherapy with children and adults of all ages. I’ve enjoyed working to help others with feeding, swallowing, and communication difficulties.

When our son, Shane, was born in May 2016, the best option for our family was for me to stay home to raise him, and change jobs so that I could work part time. In my new role as a momma, my life changed in more ways that I could have ever imagined! I was desperate to find as many activities as possible that were geared towards infants so that Shane and I could keep busy each day. I was also looking for ways to meet other moms who could relate to all the wonderful (and also the challenging) moments we experience.

My neighbor suggested that I check out stroller strides, and doing so was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. It was so amazing to get in a full-body workout without feeling like it was a chore. The best part was that I could do something for myself without having to find a babysitter for Shane, and I still get to engage with him during the workouts through songs, books, and activities. I’ve met so many wonderful moms who have shared advice, resources, and invaluable support. As an instructor, I hope to help other moms improve their overall health/wellness/happiness and find the support and friendships that I found with Fit4Mom.


FIT4MOM Certified Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Stroller Barre Instructor

I took my first Stroller Barre class when I was six weeks postpartum and was immediately hooked. Exercise has been a part of my mental and physical health throughout my life and I knew it was going to be hard to find a way once I had a baby to care for. Fit4mom has made that possible. I love how the workouts meet what you need that day and are as challenging as you make them. Those first few classes were part of my journey to feeling strong and good about my body after having a baby and experiencing all the changes from pregnancy. I grew up swimming and rowing and was a member of my college rowing team. I continued on with the sport and competed at the master level and was the head coach of Notre Dame Prep’s rowing team for six years. I continue to participate in the sport. Staying home with Shea is the best option for me and my family and I am ecstatic to be able to use my coaching experience to help other moms feel strong and proud of their bodies. It is great to see how much Shea loves the songs and playgroups. I feel so lucky to be a part of such an awesome village!


FIT4MOM Certified Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Stroller Barre Instructor, Certified Balanced Bodies Pilates Mat and Barre Instructor

I took my first Stroller Strides class four months postpartum and fell in love with it. I had been searching for a class that gave me an opportunity to get back in shape while participating in a fun activity that kept my son, Matthew, entertained and I found so much more. I was blown away by the moms I met and the community of support I was welcomed into. I knew I wanted to be a part of this wonderful village.

As an instructor, I love leading sessions that are a blend of challenging exercises for moms and enjoyable activities for the kids. My goal is for kids and moms to both walk away happy and looking forward to the next exercise.

Before I found FIT4MOM I taught Pilates at different studios in the Baltimore area, and I like to incorporate advanced core strength training into my routines while ensuring a full-body workout. I also have experience working with students who are recovering from significant injuries, are pregnant, or have other special requirements, and am accustomed to tailoring a workout that is safe and beneficial to specific needs.

Prior to my time as a Pilates instructor I spent my career as a teacher for children with special needs, and have experience developing and implementing a variety of educational and fun activities for kids. Now being a mother myself, I understand how important it is for kids to have fun, be engaged, and to give their moms a moment to focus on themselves—their; health, friendships, goals, and overall well-being. FIT4MOM classes are the perfect opportunity to do that!


Marketing Mama
Social Media, Playgroup & Mom's Night Out

I am a first time Mom of my daughter, Violet. My husband's career brought us to Baltimore five years ago and this is definitely where we call home now; though I am originally from New England and am proud of it. We just purchased our first home together in Roland Park and are busy immersing ourselves into the neighborhood.

My background is in the spa industry as a licensed Esthetician and I am currently studying to become a Registered Dietician. I have a passion for helping people with their overall health and well-being.

A mom friend suggested that I join her for Stroller Strides one Friday morning. With time on my hands and my baby in tow, I showed up wearing Van sneakers, ready for a walk. That day I went out and bought new running shoes. Knowing it was exactly what my postpartum body needed I started showing up regularly. After a few short weeks, I was physically invigorated and actively inspired to keep up my participation in Fit4Mom. My daughter and I both like the routine and I feel a connection to the group.

Every day watching my daughters growth is amazing. I want to stay healthy to keep up with her and set the proper example. I love watching the other Moms and kids growth in class as well.

I hope to see you all in class, Play Groups and Moms' Nights Out!