Lacee Mullen

FIT4MOM Certified Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby & Body Back Instructor

I’m a teacher by nature. I taught high school art for seven years and I also taught an all women’s Brazillian Jui Jit Su class for a year. I have been involved in running and strength training since I was a teen. Anything I love I end up teaching. I love what FIT4MOM and Stroller Strides can do for moms and families so I became FIT4MOM certified. Having a hand and witnessing a rise in other people’s self confidence and pride is extremely rewarding and that is why I keep teaching.
Other than wanting to look and feel good there are other reasons I want to stay fit. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s around the same time my husband and I started a family. The doctors concluded that his decades of uncontrolled blood sugar left him susceptible to develop Alzheimer’s. He allowed himself to go downhill faster because he lacked the will power to eat healthy and exercise. By the time our second son was born I came to the realization that our children would not know the joy of having a grandfather. I was terrified of following in my father’s footsteps after my gestational diabetes diagnosis with my second pregnancy. I made the decision to stay fit for my sons Reece (2 ½), Cael (just over 1), my husband and myself. Should I one day become a grandmother, I want to be here long enough for my grandchildren to develop positive and lasting memories of me. Because of my family history and through becoming a mom, I've learned that fitness means more to me than looking and feeling good and is instead about taking care of myself and setting an example for my children.

Thursday – July 27, 2017

Grand Opening - Hunt Valley Towne Centre